"Can We Build One For You?"

(From Restomod Magazine, Issue 2, March 2007)

Text and Photography by
Ron Bramlett

The big news for 2007 is the opening of Mustangs Plus’ new restoration shop in Stockton, California which we have named The Restomod Shop. Located 50 miles south of Sacramento and 80 miles east of San Francisco, The Restomod Shop will give Mustangs Plus the opportunity to stay on top of the Mustang Restomod hobby by installing the products we sell and staying in touch with what the Mustang hobbyist consider to be hot, and what is not. But most of all, building Mustangs and promoting the Mustang hobby is what David and I enjoy the most. Needless to say, we are going to enjoy The Restomod Shop.

We receive a lot of feedback from our customer base telling us that we’ve done a great job in helping our customers with their Mustang parts needs. We believe it’s because we strive to be more than just a Mustang parts supplier. We are Mustang enthusiasts, too. In fact, Mustangs Plus was started back in 1981 as a full service Mustang parts and restoration center. David and I have spent a lot of years not only selling parts, we have spent a lot of years working on the cars. From the beginning, Mustangs Plus did all the service and repair work that came our way. No job was too big or too small. But in the late 1980’s, we made the decision to stop doing customer work and concentrate on building our Mustang parts business. And the rest, as they say, is history. We were able to put all of our efforts into building Mustangs Plus into one of the best known and well respected classic Mustang parts businesses in the world.

Even though we stopped doing customer work, David and I never stopped working on, and enjoying, Mustangs. We designed and built many Restomod Mustangs for ourselves and our children. We built track cars and helped our friends who wanted to restore, race, and Restomod their Mustangs as much as we could. A lot of the special Restomod parts we built for these cars ended up as Restomod products that we sell here at Mustangs Plus today. All of this was great. It kept us doing what we loved best. But doing customer work was something that David and I always wanted to go back to when the time was right. When the building and property next door to us came up for sale, it made the decision to start The Restomod Shop an easy one!

The Restomod Shop will do installations of many of the performance products we sell at Mustangs Plus as well as building complete Restomod Mustangs for our customers. Need that Stainless Steel Brake 4 wheel disc brake package installed on your Mustang? We can do it at The Restomod Shop. Need new floorboards in that rusty 1969 SportsRoof? No problem. Just bring it to The Restomod Shop. Want to build a Ronster but don’t know who can install the Chassis Strengthening Kit so the top can be cut off? That problem is solved. The Restomod Shop can do the job for you. Street car, racecar, show car. The Restomod Shop can help you with any special need your project may have or build it and hand you the keys! The choice is yours.

At this time, The Restomod Shop has seven full Restomod restorations underway and four new Restomod restoration projects waiting to be started. All of these projects are going to be unique and will lead to new Restomod products for the Mustang hobby. It’s our goal to continue to push the Mustang hobby forward with new products and innovations so that Mustang enthusiasts like you and I have choices as to how to build our Mustangs. Stock and original or with a new personality to suit each of our individual taste.

The next time you’re in the Stockton, Sacramento or San Francisco area, be sure to plan to stop in and see what’s happening here at Mustangs Plus and The Restomod Shop. We’ll be glad to give you a tour of both facilities and who knows? Maybe we can build one for you!